On 11/22 and 11/23, the Berkshire crew fired up the snow guns for the first time since February 2016. We made snow on 13 trails and gave all the new updated equipment a good test fire. This summer we spent about $1.1 million on getting our pump room updated with Variable Frequency Drives (efficiency upgrade), 26 low e stick guns added as tower guns, new pump drive motors, and two larger output pumps.

These improvements, along with a whole host of smaller upgrades, new LED lights and a lot of trail clearing work will be another transformation for Berkshire East. Since we built the wind and solar field, we’ve continued to major efficiency upgrades and we do it with the customer in mind. This year, the improvements will be better lighting, with more uphill water capacity for our snow makers, win win for our guests, no matter how you cut it.


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