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Competition Teams

Berkshire East Ski Area has a long tradition of creating great skiers through our ski racing program. The unique terrain of the ski area and the great skiers who call Berkshire East home combine to create a supportive culture for your ski racers.

Athletes on the Berkshire East Ski Team (BEST) usually compete in United States Ski Association Tri-State events and/or with their school teams. Training activities are based on preparation for these events.

BEST groups meet every Saturday and Sunday from opening day until mid-March. We also try to have training on all school holidays and vacation days. Training sessions are in the morning and the afternoon. Starting times and schedule varies according to activities but most of the time we get on the lifts at 9am. Training schedule is planned according to the USSA skill development and gate training guidelines. Athletes not skiing in USSA events may find an occasional Sunday when no coaches are at the mountain.

The focus of BEST is on Tri State USSA events and school competitions. BEST provides coaching support at all Tri State level events. There are athletes who will qualify for USSA regional events (post season Championship Series and one off Regional Races) beyond the T/S level. USSA requires all athletes to be represented by a coach at each of these events. The cost of travel and availability of our part time coaching staff limits our ability to provide coaching support beyond the Tri State level. If Berkshire East is able to provide a coach to a regional event, payment for services and reimbursement for all expenses for that coach are required.

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Development Alpine Team

The DEVO team is for skiers focusing on developing sound skills and the technical aspects of skiing in a fun environment. Participants are matched with a coach based on their ability level. One coach oversees a small group of kids whose skills and abilities compliments each other.  This coach works with them on a weekly basis, helping them to become proficient in the use of Berkshire East’s terrain features and encouraging the development of their skills. The DEVO team is a stepping stone towards the competition team.

The Development Team meets on Saturdays beginning in mid-December and ends on the last Saturday in February. Athletes ski with coaches from 9:30-11:30 break for lunch and go back out from 1:00-3:00. Most Saturday afternoons will include Time Trials on an easy 30-35 second GS type course.

Devo participants are not supervised outside of group times and should not be at the Ski Area without a parent or guardian.

The Devo Team breaks up in to two to four groups depending on the numbers and skill levels. Coaches evaluate and place athletes in appropriate groups based on skill, age, aggressiveness, and skiing aptitude.

We require all Devo participants to be able to ski any Blue level trail under control. If your child is not at this level we recommend private lessons with any of our exceptional and caring instructors at the Berkshire East Ski School. If your child cannot ride the chairlift by themselves an adult must accompany them.

Although the starting age for the Devo Team is 8 years old we are aware that many 6 and 7 year olds ski well enough to be with these groups. If you think your child has advanced skills and has the energy and maturity to ski in Devo we will accommodate on a case by case basis. All participants under the age of 8 must have an adult who will follow the group and be able to ride the chair with their child. We will not allow any Devo participant under the age of 8 to ride the chair alone.

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U12 Alpine Team

This program is designed to improve basic skiing fundamentals through free skiing, drills, and gate training. Prior racing experience is not required but strong skiing skills are. Athletes build on their previous experience with a continued focus on extensive free skiing and fundamental skill development. The major emphasis is on having fun.
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U14 Alpine Team

As the athletes begin to grow and gain confidence, their skill and techniques are further refined and shaped. This program is designed to continue to improve basic skiing fundamentals through free skiing, drills, and gate training. Prior racing experience is not required but strong skiing skills are. Racers focus on improving their technique to build a foundation for the future. While there is a substantial amount of free skiing, this is a race oriented program.
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U16 Alpine Team

At the U16 level the there is a strong emphasis on skill development, the focus moves towards good technique and tactics for racing. Athletes have been skiing for many years and by all accounts are expert skiers. Most but not all have racing experience. Athletes are introduced to scored races where they can qualify to compete at the regional and national level.
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U19 Alpine Team

The U19 program encompass a mix of free skiing and gate training with an emphasis placed on skill mastery. Athletes have been skiing and racing for a number of years. At this level the terrain on which they race becomes more challenging. Athletes have the opportunity to race in regional and national level. U19 Register Now

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