Berkshire Renewable Energy

Solar and Wind at Berkshire East

Powered by a 500 kWh solar facility and a 900 kWh wind turbine, Berkshire East is the only ski area in the world to generate 100% of our electricity from onsite renewable energy.

Wind Turbine Facts

  1. The turbine was built in the fall of 2010 and commissioned in January 2011
  2. The wind turbine is 277 feet tall
  3. The turbine is remotely monitored, 24 hours a day, and it is possible to control the turbine from a smart phone
  4. Each blade is 91 feet long, there are three of them
  5. The center of the hub, is about 195 feet in the air
  6. The blades spin at 27 rpm, at maximum
  7. The turbines operating efficiency has improved each year that we have operated the turbine, these increases come from improvements to the operating software

Solar Field Facts

  1. There are 1800 panels in a 10 acre field
  2. Each panel is in a group of 20 on a pole that make up 1 All Sun Renewable Solar Tracker
  3. There are 90 Solar Trackers that follow the sun from sunup to sundown
  4. A solar tracker will produce 35%-45% more electricity than a fixed panel

Why Renewable Energy at Berkshire East

Why power a ski area with renewable energy? It’s a way to stabilize our electrical expense for the next 30 years. In 5 years we have seen an ROI based on the concept of avoided cost. By stabilizing our expenses, we can provide our guests a better on-hill experience by spending money on the fun stuff like more snow making, mountain bike trails, rafting, mountain coasters and not the power company.

Interested in visiting our wind turbine and solar field?

Our wind turbine tour includes a visit to the wind turbine site where your guide will provide you with detailed information about our wind turbine and other facts regarding sustainable energy. The tour includes moderate hiking of approximately 1.5 mile to and from the site. Transportation to the top of the mountain and down will be via chairlift and/or shuttle van. The wind turbine tour lasts approximately 2 ½ hours. You must be at least age 8 to take this tour.

Cost is $20 per person and reservations are required. Full payment is expected at the time you reserve. Participants will be required to sign an Event Waiver when checking in. A parent or guardian will need to sign for participants under the age of 18.

Larger groups can call us to arrange for tours on other dates by calling us at 413-339-6617.

Berkshire East is the first ski area in the world to generate 100% of our power from onsite renewable energy
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