Fife Brook Trip (I-III)

Fife Brook

Take your family, office, church, or scout group rafting on the Deerfield River’s most popular rafting section, Fife Brook. With a minimum age of 7, these Class II whitewater rapids with one Class III rapid are ideal for beginner rafters.


Fully reopening May 29th!


A Typical Day

The Fife Brook trips run the beautiful upper Fife Brook section ending with the Class III Zoar Gap. This trip pairs perfectly with a Zip Line trip or Mountain Coaster ride for a full day of adventure. This trip does not include food. The Fife Brook trip meets at our base in Charlemont, Massachusetts, check your confirmation email for the exact meeting time of your trip. Please try to be on time, since we must work within the schedule of water releases decided on by the power company. You will be required to read and sign a release of liability at this time. All guests will be required to wear a Berkshire Whitewater issued PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and helmet. You will also be provided with a paddle. Trips take place on the Fife Brook section of the Deerfield River in Northwestern Massachusetts. Trips include class II & III whitewater.


Peak Season
Adults (16+): $90
Children (5-15): $70

Adults (16+): $100
Children (5-15): $75

Off-Peak Season
Adults (16+): $65
Children (5-15): $65

Need to Know

Expect everything you bring with you on the raft to get wet! In warm summer weather, some guests are comfortable in bathing suits/swim trunks or light layers. However, we ask you to not wear cotton, as it will keep you cold and wet throughout the trip. Guests are not allowed to wear jeans on the river. Wool and synthetic materials such as polypropylene, nylon, and fleece, are appropriate for cooler weather and water temperatures.

Wetsuits and neoprene river booties are available for rental if you need them. You are required to wear sneakers or other shoes that can be secured to your feet. No flip-flops or Crocs! Bring any required medications as well as extra money for souvenirs, food, etc. Before the trip, please leave any and all valuables including money as well as your dry clothes and towels for after the trip in your locked vehicle. Keep your car keys with you during registration, as we will collect those and put them in a lock box before gearing up, then return them to you when you get off the boats.

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