Valley Jump Tour

Mountain Top

Zip across the top of the Deerfield River Valley on six great zip lines connected by awesome platforms with overlooking great views, striking forests, a chairlift ride to the summit, and a chairlift ride down. 

The Valley Jump Tour is our most exciting zip line tour. The zip lines range in length from 1000’ to 2,600’ and approach 200’ in the air. 

Experience Description

Please check-in with zip line customer service in the Main Lodge at Berkshire East Ski Area 30 minutes ahead of time to ensure all group details are taken care of. Here you will meet your guides and get suited up in the necessary gear for your experience — zip line harness, helmet, lanyard, and trolley. 

After a scenic chairlift ride to the top and a second zip technique orientation by your assigned guides, you progress to Valley Jump Zip 1. This introductory zip is longer than any other non-Berkshire East Canopy Tour Zip Line in the state. 

Three more increasingly longer and faster zip lines, and a series of short hikes around the summit of Berkshire East, bring the guest to the start of the VALLEY JUMP.  

X1 - or ‘eXtreme’ zip 1 is a 2,300' zip line that is also the first dual-zip racing cable on the tour. Riders will fly 150’ in the air and approach 60 MPH. A landing across the valley with present the guests with a 5-10 minute hike to the summit of a neighboring mountain.

X2 - or ‘eXtreme’ zip 2 is the biggest zip in Massachusetts and, quite frankly, one of the best in the country. With huge views (especially in fall foliage) this zip line is awesome! 2,600’ long, 200’ in the air, this zip line is memorable, fun, and truly an “Experience of a Lifetime.”

Unique dual racing lines provide the opportunity to challenge your friends (newly met, or ones you brought) and zip side-by-side through the treetops! After the six zip lines, the tour culminates in the perfect (and unique in the industry) downhill chairlift ride from the summit of the mountain. 

This awesome, more adventurous zip line canopy tour is also perfect for individuals and groups. 

The Valley Jump Tour is an amazing experience that you will not forget!


All (Ages 12+): $125

Clothing Requirements

No open-toed shoes. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather and activity (rain gear for rainy days, layers, or sun blocking clothing).

Meeting Location

Zipline Customer Service
2nd Floor of the Main Lodge at Berkshire East Ski Area
66 Thunder Mountain Road
Charlemont, MA 01339

Please arrive 30 Minutes before your reservation.

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