Welcome to Berkshire East school and recreation ski and snowboard programs. Our multi-week programs are an affordable way for kids and families to enjoy the fun Berkshire East has to offer during the winter. School and recreation programs are designed for participants ages 7 and up. Younger children may join a program; however they will not be able to participate in the group ski and snowboard lessons.

Programs begin after the first of the year and weekday programs can be four, five or six weeks long. Weekend programs can be four or six weeks long.  Additional options may be available: please contact Berkshire East to discuss special arrangements. Each program must have a designated coordinator who will manage registration, payments, rosters and serve as the contact for all program correspondence.

Please email skischoool@berkshireeast.com with questions or for assistance.

Mid-Week Prices


                                                                4 weeks                               5 weeks                               6 weeks

Lift Tickets                                           $105                                        $130                                       $140

Rentals                                                 $60                                         $75                                         $85

Lessons                                              $50                                         $62                                          $74


Weekend Prices

                                                                4 weeks                                                      6 weeks                          

                                                       (YOUTH/ADULT)                                            (YOUTH/ADULT)

       Lift Tickets                                      $145/$165                                                        $205/$245

   Rentals                                                $100                                                               $140

   Lessons                                                 $75                                                            $105



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