All Mountain Team

Race Team at Berkshire East Ski Area

Skills, Development, Fun

Description:  This program is designed for young skiers who may not be interested in pursuing the racing component of the sport, but want to continue to develop their skiing skills and fundamentals utilizing the entire mountain. This group will be skiing all over the mountain and develop their skills in bumps, jumps, steeps, trees, varying terrain and whatever other adventures that we can find at Berkshire East! Kids who have aged out of DEVO but still want to maintain a team environment, ski with consistent coaches and athletes and create great new friendships will have a great time with this group!

Age:  12-16. We would consider including younger athletes, but that will have to be through the coaches discretion to make sure that it is a suitable fit for the skiing level of the group.

Experience:  Previous experience with the DEVO group would give us a better idea of each athletes skiing level.  Athletes should be able to competently ski the whole mountain including being comfortable in bumps, trees and any conditions that Berkshire East can throw at us!

Memberships:  None required

Competition: No planned competition

Training: The All Mountain Training Team will meet on Saturdays beginning on the first Saturday after Christmas and continuing for a 10 week period. The training sessions will run from 9:30-2:30 with a break for lunch at 11:30.

Note:  In the interest in providing safe, fun and productive experiences, all training and racing activity is subject to cooperative weather and snow conditions.

Pricing: $700 - lift passes are not included in the program fee.

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