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A First Timer’s Guide to Getting Started

Know before you go. A first timer's guide to Thunder Mountain Bike Park that everyone should read, even our most frequent users of the park.

About Thunder Mountain Bike Park

Thunder Mountain Bike Park is a gravity downhill mountain bike park. Riders take the lift up and ride down purpose-built trails that range from introductory green trails to Pro-Line jump trails. This style of riding is best suited for very specific bicycles and gear. If you don’t own DH MTB gear, we can provide you with rental bikes and gear in our rental shop and premium demo trail bikes are available in the main floor bike shop.

All riders must wear a helmet while descending TMBP, and mountain bikes must have functioning front and rear brakes. We recommend a minimum wheel diameter of 26″, disc brakes, protective body armor, a minimum of 4″ of shock travel, as well as putting the seat in its lowest position. Bikes must have all necessary/essential components installed and in good working order. Riding a real downhill or enduro mountain bike with lots of plush suspension and big brakes will give you a more enjoyable riding experience.

Lessons are available while visiting Thunder Mountain Bike Park, and it is recommended that riders take a lesson to learn the best techniques to use while descending our trails.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our staff and instructors will gladly answer any questions or concerns about the specifics of riding in a DH bike park. We also provide equipment in our rental shop, and we strongly suggest that you consider an introductory lesson with one of our certified instructors in our bike school. Check out our Thunder Mountain 101 package to get up and running. 

And finally, as a rider of the park, you assume all risk by visiting Thunder Mountain Bike Park.

Hours of Operation

2023 Hours 


Friday, May 26th 10am-5pm

Saturday, May 27th 9am-5pm

Sunday, May 28th 9am-5pm

Monday, May 29th 9am-5pm

Spring Hours (until June 18th) 

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

Summer Hours (June 19th - Labor Day Weekend)

Monday, Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

Fall Hours (September 8th - October 31st)

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

Monday & Friday 10am-5pm

The final Monday in Fall will be Indigenous Peoples Day - Monday, October 9th from 10am-5pm.

Late Fall Hours (November 4th, 5th & 11th, 12th)

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

Closing Weekend - November 11th - 12th


Memorial Day - Monday, May 29th 9am-5pm

Juneteenth - Monday, June 19th 9am-5pm

Independence Day - ***Please note that we will be CLOSED on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th***

Labor Day - Monday, September 4th 9am-5pm

Indigenous Peoples Day - Monday, October 9th 10am-5pm

Veteran's Day - Saturday, November 11th 10am-4pm

    Thunder Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

    Thunder Mountain Bike Park Trail Map

    Ride Responsibly. Always: 1) Stay in Control 2) Know Your Limits 3) Protect Yourself 4) Inspect and Maintain Your Equipment 5) Be Lift Smart 6) Inspect the Trails and Features 7) Obey Signs and Warnings 8) Be Visible 9) Look Out For Others 10) Cooperate

    Lessons are Available. Call 413.339.6618 to book. 


    Thunder Mountain Bike Park Trail Ratings

    Notice to Riders, Parents, and Guardians


    All participants must read and sign the Mountain Activity Waiver before entering Thunder Mountain Bike Park, available in PDF below:

    It is the riders responsibility to ride within their level. Thunder Mountain Bike Park provides trail difficulty designations. A rider can expect any number of challenges on the trail pursuant to the trail designation level.

    Know before you go! Understand the trail level you are about to ride and be prepared for it!

    Inspect each trail: Pre-ride each trail at a slower speed. Don’t hammer your first run. Take it easy and look for changing conditions.

    Injuries and Downhill Mountain Bike Riding

    Injuries are a common and expected part of mountain biking. We strongly suggest that full face helmets, full length gloves, biking armor, and a full suspension bike be used in the Bike Park. If you are new to the mountain biking program at Thunder Mountain Bike Park, or the Parent or Guardian of a younger rider, please familiarize yourself with the mountain biking activities we offer. Introductory mountain biking lessons and beginner mountain biking terrain are available. More challenging terrain and features should not be attempted unless the rider has the appropriate skills, experience, and equipment to effectively negotiate such trail sections. Please speak to Customer Service for more information regarding mountain biking at Thunder Mountain Bike Park.

    Bike parks are the most fun when everyone around you is having fun. So keep it cool, have respect for the others around you, and everyone will have fun. Now that you know- Let’s ride!

    Bike Park Safety

    For the safety of all Thunder Mountain Bike Park guests, riding or hiking up Downhill trails is not permitted during operating hours. Riding or hiking uphill is permitted on trails specifically labeled for uphill traffic.

    Trail safety is everybody’s responsibility. It is your responsibility to inspect the trails and features before use. Trail features vary in size and difficulty and change constantly due to weather, maintenance, usage, modifications, and the time of day. Respect the rules and etiquette. Only one person on a feature at a time. Do not use trails or features that are closed. And use your head! Remain in control and within your ability level. Do not use features if you lack sufficient ability and/or experience. You control the level of difficulty you encounter using these features both on the ground and in the air. There is no shame in walking your bike if you feel you are on a trail or feature that is beyond your skill level.

    Trail etiquette keeps the bike park safer and more fun for everyone. Remember to always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. If you are overtaking a rider, notify them verbally and select an area where you are not braiding/widening the trail. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above. When starting downhill or merging onto a trail, look uphill and yield to others. Finally, keep the bike park fun! You will likely experience riders of varying abilities. Be patient, and give folks the chance to progress to your level in a chill environment.

    We all know learning a new skill doesn’t always come easy. Thunder Mountain Bike Park has a group of instructors specially trained in gravity riding. Taking a lesson with one of these instructors can be the safest and easiest way to learn the bike park terrain and its features.

    It is very important to ride the right bike at a Downhill Mountain Bike Park. The same way you wouldn’t bring a pea shooter to a pistol fight, you need to have the correct gear for the park. A downhill bike has plush suspension in both the front and rear to smooth out the bumps on rugged trails. Rent a bike if you don’t have your own, and ask the rental technician to tune the suspension to your body weight and skills.

    There is a reason why most riders are wearing armor: It works. Crashing is a possibility no matter how slow or cautious you ride, and protecting yourself from cuts and scrapes with pads is a must.

    A proper fitting full-face helmet is the way to go. Protect your face and head by wearing it done up properly under the chin.

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