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Berkshire East offers something for everyone! Want unlimited access to three mountains and over 400 acres of the best terrain in Southern New England? You should get the Unlimited Summit Pass! Are you happy riding every day but Saturday? Go for the Locals Summit Pass! Feel more like a weekday warrior? Consider the Weekday Summit Pass! Do you love to ski and ride into the evening? Join us after school or work and hit the slopes with our Night Summit Pass! Review even more pass options and information below.

Unlimited Summit Pass - Winter 22/23

The Unlimited Summit Pass is a combo season pass to Berkshire East, Catamount Mountain Resort, and Bousquet Mountain. Your pass to 3 mountains every day they are open. No Restrictions. Have fun! Consider it your ticket to ride over 400 acres of the best terrain in Southern New England. We are also offering an Indy Pass AddOn that gives you access to 104+ more Indy Resorts across North America! **This is our only pass type that includes Bousquet Mountain.

*Prices do not include tax

Adult 18-59         $699
Jr. 7-17         $589
Sr. 60+         $589
Sr. 80+ and Tot 6 & Under         Free

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Locals Summit Pass (Sun - Fri) - Winter 22/23

The Locals 6-day Pass. The pass designed for when local skiers ski most! Ski and ride Sunday – Friday, just no Saturdays… Not a ‘Local?” No Problem! We want everyone to feel like a local and the 6-day is available to all. This pass grants you access to Berkshire East and Catamount. 

*Prices do not include tax

Adult 18-59         $539
Jr. 7-17         $489
Sr. 60+         $489
Sr. 80+ and Tot 6 & Under         Free

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Weekday Summit Pass - Winter 22/23

The Weekday Pass: Day and night, Monday – Friday. You need this pass in your winter quiver. Less lines for less money! This pass grants you access to Berkshire East and Catamount. 

*Prices do not include tax

All Ages       $409
Sr. 80+ and Tot 6 & Under       Free

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NEW! Unlimited Ski & Bike Season Passes now available!

Now available - a season pass for year round use!  This pass grants you acces to both our summer and winter season at Berkshire East from 2022 - 2023!  Ride the summer trails of the Thunder Mountatin Bike Park and hit the slopes for the winter! 

22/23 Indy Pass Add On - now available!

Up to 30% Discount for Unlimited Summit Pass Holders

This year, turn your season pass into a travel pass and explore the many independent, authentic Indy Resorts across the US and Canada.

The Indy AddOn Pass is deeply discounted for Indy Resort Partners’ Unrestricted Season Pass holders including staff, instructors and ski patrollers. It gives you two days at each of the 104+ Indy resorts plus a third day at 25% off. However, it won’t work at your home resort. 

It can be purchased on the Indy Pass website by simply selecting the AddOn Pass option and uploading a photo of your receipt from your 2022-23 UNRESTRICTED season pass purchase.

 click here

Night Summit Season Pass - Winter 22/23

The Night Summit Season Pass is valid Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 4pm until 9pm and Wednesdays* from 4pm until 8pm. Valid for any age!  This pass grants you access to Berkshire East and Catamount. 

*Wednesday night skiing is available at Berkshire East from January 11th through February 15th.

*Price does not include tax

All Ages $169
Sr. 80+ and Tot 6 & Under Free

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Tot Summit Pass (6 y/o and under)

This is a summit pass for kids 6 and under that gives you access to Berkshire East and Catamount ski mountains! Now you can bring your family and teach your young ones the joys of skiing! We look forward to hosting you. 


Kids 6 and under FREE


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College Summit Pass - Winter 22/23

Are you a college student who wants to ski or snowboard all winter? We have a pass for you! Our Berkshire College Pass will grant access to Berkshire East and Catamount Mountains with full season pass privileges!

Pro Tip: Pair this pass with the Indy Pass add-on and gain access to 104+ Indy Resorts!

*Price does not include tax

Berkshire College Pass $339

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Uphill Summit Pass

Uphill travel season pass valid dawn to dusk.  This pass is for those who wish to hike up specified trails with their equipment and ski back down. This is not a pass for the lifts.  Valid for any age.  

All Ages $50

Please visit Customer Service in the Main Lodge to purchase your Uphill season pass.


NEW! Season Pass Protection

Optional Season Pass Protection is available for winter 22/23

We understand that life is full of surprises and sometimes it’s out of your hands.  Berkshire East Mountain Resort and Catamount Mountain Resort Pass Protection coverage offers credit or reimbursement for the pro-rated cost of the unused portion of your qualifying season pass.   Berkshire East/Catamount pass protection is not transferable or refundable. If you do not accept the Berkshire East/Catamount Pass Protection, you will not be eligible for a refund or credit toward your next season pass purchase and understand that passes are not transferable. Pass Protection is available for a small fixed cost at the time of pass purchase.  The program must be purchased in conjunction with your season pass in the same transaction.

If you become medically unable to ski or ride, or if you are transferred out of the area (300 miles or more) due to employment, a credit toward your next season pass will be determined based on the following pro-rated schedule. Refunds will not be given unless you will be unable to ski or ride in the future. Only the injured/transferred pass holder qualifies.  

Pass Protection Costs:

Unlimited Summit Pass (Adult)


Unlimited Summit Pass (Junior or Senior)


Locals Pass (All Ages)


Weekday Pass (All Ages) or College Pass


Night Pass


Pro-Rated Schedule for Season Pass Credits and Refunds:

Prior to December 1                                                  up to 100%
December                                                                   up to 75%
January                                                                        up to 50%
February                                                                      up to 25%

All requests must be received prior to March 1, 2023

How do I request a credit or refund? 

Please provide all three of the following documents so that we can process your request. 

1.           Letter requesting a credit or refund within 30 days of incident. Please include first and last name, mailing address, telephone number, and a brief explanation of why you are unable to use your pass. 
2.           Either a doctor’s letter on official letterhead stating the reason for nonparticipation and date of onset, or a letter from your employer on official letterhead certifying a transfer and an effective date.  
3.           Your Season Pass

You may bring these documents to the Customer Service Desk at your pass purchase location (Berkshire East or Catamount) 

Credit towards future season pass purchase: If a credit is granted, we will apply the credit to the guest account. Credits are non-transferable and may only be used for the next season’s pass purchase. You will be responsible for any difference in price.  

Refunds: If original payment for your season pass was by cash or check, and you are granted a refund, a check will be issued through our Accounts Payable department (allow 2-3 weeks).  If original payment for your season pass was by credit card, the amount of refund will be credited to your credit card. You need to provide us with your credit card information in order for us to process the refund. 

Shred Fearlessly, with Spot Injury Insurance!

You now have the opportunity to opt-in for insurance while purchasing your season pass!

For a one-time payment of $53.75, Spot can pay your medical bills up to $25,000, with $0 deductible, in the unlikely case of an injury on the mountain this season at Berkshire East and/or Catamount. Your plan works whether you have health insurance or not, and coordinates with any existing health plans you may have.

Who is covered?

All registered ski, snowboard, or mountain biking participants of Berkshire East Mountain Resort and Catamount Mountain Resort's voluntary season pass program participating in covered activities.

When are you covered?

While participating in skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking activities.

Where are you covered?

Within bounds at Berkshire East Mountain Resort and Catamount Mountain Resort, and for Unlimited Summit pass holders at Bousquet Mountain

Important Season Pass Details - please read!

Important Season Pass Details – please read!

  • All purchases are final.
  • Season passes are non-transferable, valid only for the individual passholder and may not be shared. Any sharing of season passes is fraudulent and considered “theft of services”.
  • No refunds, credits, or substitutions of any kind will be issued if you fail to use or take possession of your Season Pass for any reason.
  • Passes purchased with a payment plan are not activated or valid for use until paid for in full.

Berkshire Summit Pass Holder Benefits

Your Berkshire Summit Pass comes with some awesome Pass Holder Benefits including:

  • Unlimited group rate entry to any Berkshire East, Catamount or Zoar Outdoor Summer Activity (black out days apply) for pass holder and guests. Pass holder must be a paying customer of group.  
  • 10% off items in our winter retail store or the Outfitters Shop at Zoar Outdoor (except for kayaks and paddles) while pass is valid. 
  • Participate in Pass holder Appreciation Days

FREE! AirFlare Subscription for Season Pass Holders

AirFlare transforms your mobile phone into a wilderness rescue beacon that provides search teams multiple ways to find you on and off grid. AirFlare adds no weight or bulk to your pack, works with limited or no cellular service, extends off-grid battery life to a week or longer and requires no user action to be searchable. Leveraging the cell phone already in your pocket, AirFlare is a low cost, easy to use, lifesaving tool you don’t need to remember to pack.

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