Berkshire East Ski Team


Berkshire East Ski Team

The Berkshire East Ski Racing programs are designed to provide a natural progression for kids to develop and master their skiing skills through the exciting sport of ski racing while having fun and building friendships. Regardless of how far children take their competitive ski racing careers, these programs are designed to help them maximize their enjoyment of skiing with friends and family for a lifetime.


This program is designed for kids who are ready to step up their skills and who want to be exposed to regional races. The time commitment is greater than that for Devo, and while most activity remains at Berkshire East, families will be expected to bring their children to a handful of races at other mountains

High School Racing

This program is designed for athletes that ski in the local PVIAC high school league but aren’t interested in pursuing the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association track in their racing careers. This program will offer all of the training amenities that...

All Mountain Team

This program is designed for young skiers who may not be interested in pursuing the racing component of the sport, but want to continue to develop their skiing skills and fundamentals utilizing the entire mountain.

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