Ski Berkshire East

Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Ski And Board Tuning by Professionals

Our highly trained and top-notch technicians offer repair and tuning service for skis or snowboards. We have the right equipment for the job, from full-on race tunes with beveled edges and structures, to simple hot waxes for peak performance. Base repairs are our specialty.

Offering a truly unprecedented level of service, this is the shop to service your skis or snowboard in Franklin County. Just one of the many reasons people have been coming here for years. Stop in and let us take care of all your ski or snowboard gear this season.

Hours and Pricing

Operating Schedule 

Sunday - Monday
Tune  Description
Race Tune $50 Base stone grind, ceramic edge sharpening, hand edge polish with diamond stone, hot wax
Refresh Tune $40 Minor base repair (p-tex), stone grind, edge sharpening, hot wax
Extras / A La Carte
Hot Wax $10
Edge Sharpening $20
Base Grind $10
Hand Edge Tune $10
Core Shot Repair $10
Sidewall Plane $10


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