Uphill Travel Policy


Updated March 17, 2023 for Spring:  We're extending our Uphill Access hours due to the longer days that accompany Spring Equinox.  Enjoy the amazing conditions and great spring skiing!

Until all the snow melts away, and unless Mountain Operations deem otherwise, Uphill Access will be possible during the following time periods:

Mondays 6:30am Sunset
Tuesdays 6:30am Sunset
Wednesday 6:30am Sunset
Thursdays 6:30am 9:00pm
Fridays 6:30am 9:00pm
Saturdays 6:30am 9:00pm
Sundays 6:30am Sunset

An Uphill Access ticket or pass is still required for uphilling and should be purchased in advance during operational hours.  Uphillers should be familiar with and adhere to all signage and uphill policies, both on the hill and on the website. 

Happy spring skiing!


2022-23 Berkshire East Uphill Travel Policy

Hours and Access:

An Uphill Travel Pass or day ticket  is required and the user must have signed a Season Pass Release. 

Uphill Access for early morning starts at 6:30am and is offered until the lifts open to the public.  Early morning access only includes the trails Big Chief and Mohawk.  Uphillers must both ascend and descend along one of these two trails.  The remainder of the Berkshire East trails are closed to all recreational traffic until operational hours. 

Uphill access continues into scheduled Operational Hours, and ends for the day when the lifts stop spinning.  No recreational access is allowed outside of these times.  Please respect that outside of open hours our Mountain Ops team is engaged in grooming, snowmaking, winch cat operations (new for the 2022-23 season), and preparing the mountain for the day.  

Berkshire East reserves the right to restrict uphill access at any time, including after fresh snowfall.  Berkshire East is private property and recreating outside of the above hours is considered trespassing.

Uphiller’s Responsibilities

  • An Uphill Travel Pass or day ticket, and signed waiver are required for anyone engaging in Uphill Travel.    
  • Those engaged in uphill travel are considered skiers under the Massachusetts Skier Safety Act and individuals should know "Your Responsibility Code".
  • Stay to the uphiller’s left/ skiers right side of the trail, wear visible and reflective clothing, use a headlamp at or after dusk, and choose a path that gives downhill traffic the best view of your location.  Be aware of sharp turns and knolls where you may not be in view of downhill traffic.  Be sure to be visible to other travelers and mountain operations.
  • Travel with another person when possible, especially during night sessions.
  • All downhill travel during operational hours must occur on open, lit (night sessions) ski trails.
  • Early morning access is only allowed on Big Chief and Mohawk.  Uphillers must both ascend and descend along one of these two trails.
  • Be warned that snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, snow grooming, winch cat cables (new for the 2022-23 season), and other equipment may be encountered at any time on the mountain. You are responsible for staying clear of such equipment.
  • Dogs are not allowed during operational hours on the trails at Berkshire East. Please leave your dogs at home and wait for them to rejoin you for après ski! 
  • Ski Patrol and other Mountain Ops personnel may ask to see your Uphill Travel Pass.  Please kindly accommodate them.
  • Those traveling on trails not open to uphill travel, or without a pass, will be instructed to cease uphill travel.  Berkshire East is on privately owned land.  Uphilling, skiing, or riding on closed trails or outside of permitted early access or operational hours is considered trespassing.    
  • Uphill travel is a privilege that should be respected and may be restricted as necessary.  Always check the status of our trails in advance; uphill travel can be closed at any time.
  • Call Berkshire East Ski Patrol at 413/ 517-3919 for emergencies during operating hours, and 911 outside of operational hours.

Uphill Access Routes:

Management may alter uphill travel routes at any time based on operational needs and conditions.  Grooming and snowmaking always take priority over uphill access.  Uphill access is only permitted on the trails below:

Route A: Big Chief  Open: early access: 6:30 am- opening.  Uphill travel outside of these hours is not 


Route B: Lower Mohawk > Roy’s Way (only when closed to downhill traffic) >Mohawk.  

Open: early access; Daytime; Evening   

Route C: Thunder > Bolt > Mohawk.  Open: Daytime; Evening Route   

Route D: Thunder.  Open: Daytime; Evening Route

Route E: Exhibition (underneath lift).  *Ends at the top of Chair 4; does not continue to Summit. Partial ascent route. Open: Daytime; Evening Route

Brief Route Descriptions:

  • Route A: Big Chief

This is the early access route.  Chief is open for uphilling from 6:30am until the lifts open.  Please respect that uphill travel outside of these hours is not permitted.

  • Route B & C: Thunder

Located on the east side of Berkshire East near the Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster. To enter the trail, proceed up the bottom of Lower Mohawk and turn left to pass under the Mountain Coaster. Proceed up Thunder, staying on the uphiller’s left of the trail.  If conditions allow, Thunder > Bolt > Mohawk may also be used for uphill travel.  

  •  Route D: Mohawk > Roy’s Way > Mohawk

An alternative to Thunder, this trail is accessible to uphillers when Roy’s Way is closed to downhill travel, and conditions allow for skinning.  From the Mountain Coaster base area, start skinning up Lower Mohawk, pass Thunder, and after the trail bends to the uphiller’s right, turn left onto Roy’s Way.  At the top of Roy’s Way, merge back onto Mohawk and stay left to continue up Mohawk.  Stay to uphiller’s left and continue up Mohawk to the summit.

  • Route E: Exhibition

This is the trail underneath Chair 4 and in front of the West Lodge.  This uphill route is on looker’s right, skier’s left, underneath the lift.  This route ends at the top of Exhibition, near the unload zone for Chair 4.  Uphill travel is not permitted past this point on this route.  This route does not reach the summit.  

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