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TGR Travel Journals - Berkshire East

Check out this awesome article by Katie Lozancich and Teton Gravity Research about Berkshire East! Teton Gravity Research made a visit to Berkshire East last season as part of their filming tour for "In Pursuit of Soul" film project. The film is now out and

Travel Journals Ch. 1

IPOS: Berkshire East

The sky is drizzly and gray when we step out of the Logan International Airport in Boston. I'm wheeling a large hard case containing lenses and film cameras in one hand, a duffle of clothing in the other. It's added to our growing mound of camera gear on the curb. Twelve hours prior, I boarded a plane in Jackson, Wyoming headed East. Joining me in Boston is director Jeremy Grant and cinematographer Dustin Lindgren. Together we'll be exploring New England from Massachusetts to Maine for the next two weeks. Along the way, we'll visit six independent ski resorts with plans to tell their story. It's all part of TGR's latest short film In Pursuit of Soul. At the end of the two weeks, we'll head back here to Logan International and fly West with plans of repeating the process all over again with six different resorts.


Watch TGR's full film In Pursuit of Soul on TGRtv now

But before any of that can happen, we have to get our 14 bags of camera gear, skis, and personal belongings into the back of this Suburban. Thankfully, Dustin was a river guide years ago and pulled off one of the most impressive games of luggage Tetris I've ever seen. By the time we've loaded our gear, it's become nightfall. The Boston traffic is chaotic, and us mountain folk do our best to weave through the mayhem. To our collective relief, the GPS leads us off the major interstate and onto a calmer route. As we venture further away from the airport, the road becomes sinuous, the rain transitions to gentle flakes of snow, and quaint, picturesque villages pass us right and left. 

It's collectively our first time visiting New England in the winter. Dustin and I are both California natives, and Jeremy hails from British Columbia. Despite the fact we've never skied back East, we all knew that there was something unique about this region. I've noticed it with my friends who grew up out here. Whenever they talked about "back home" they'd get this far-off look in their eyes and reminisce about their little home mountain. You never wanted to get them started about maple syrup, either. The goal of this trip was to figure out what that special je ne sais quoi feeling was all about.

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